Data Mining & Computational Biology


Lab projects (click the below link to connect a project)
1. CAM (Combining Array CGH and Microarray gene expression data from multiple samples)
2. OCPID (Organ Centric Protein Interaction Database)
3.1. Paper outline & additional files - Assessment of contribution of genomic data sources to predictiong protein functions
3.2. Informative genomic data sets for the computational function predictions of Mus musculus
4. Disease Gene Identification by Integrating Domain Interactions and Mutations in the Proteins
5. Numerical Doses in LLLT and EA literatures
6. Wavelet-based Identification of DNA focal genomic aberrations
7. Disease gene search engine with evidence sentence
8. Text classfication algorithms for sports injury prevention
9. Development of a cancer oriented search engine
10. Voting based cancer module identification by combining topological and data-driven properties
11. Weighted maximum clique method for identifying condition specific sub-network